Preparing for Your Initial Estate Planning Consultation

To determine whether we can be of assistance to you, we ask that you call our office and visit briefly with one of our legal assistants. You will be asked some initial questions regarding your financial and family situation, and if we feel we can be of help, your appointment will then be scheduled.

At the initial meeting you will be asked to bring a list of your assets, along with a copy of your current estate planning documents. It is not necessary to prepare a formal financial statement — a hand-written summary is sufficient.

Expect to receive a reminder phone call from our office the day before your appointment. This is simply to confirm the time and date of the appointment, and to ensure that you are still planning to attend.

What You Can Expect From the Initial Consultation

We will review your existing estate plan and financial situation with you. After engaging in a dialogue of questions and answers to determine your family and financial goals, we will make specific recommendations, and quote you a legal fee for the entire estate planning engagement.

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